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Ice auger “Iceberg-Euro 110(R)” is a novelty among ice augers “TONAR”. It is based on new technology that makes the auger fast, stable and reliable as it cuts all the way through the ice without jamming even on demanding wet spring ice. The new ergonomic design saves energy and time for drilling holes in ice, so a fisherman can pay more attention and tine for fishing process. The seamless spiral with extended spacing of turns (110 mm or 130mm) guarantees quick release of the hole from ice, decreases the efforts for drilling and prevents jamming of the spiral. The removable cutting head of reinforced composite gives better form stability and rigidity than cutting heads made of steel. The cutting head can easily be changed. Semicircular sharp blades are made of high quality steel provide fast and easy drilling of ice. Telescopic extension allows choosing the necessary height of the ice auger according to the height of a fisherman and ice thickness. The ice auger Iceberg-110(R) can be used with hand power and motor power drill (the adapter is required).