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Decoy floating ducks set 6pcs Flambeau
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These Flambeau Widgeon decoys will give you realism on the coastal marshes or rivers were ever you are try to shoot the fast and elusive Widgeon decoys l. The Flambeau Eurasian Widgeon decoys with there u-v paint system they look more real to passing ducks which in turn makes more likely to decoy to your Flambeau Eurasian Widgeon decoys. Every box includes (4) Active Drakes, (1) and (2) Resting Hens. Now with an innovative keel design includes Front tie point allowing for added motion on light wind days. They are an easy setup and easy teardown. The paint schemes on the decoys were also developed utilising a Patent Pending UVision Technology matching the reflectance of real feathers in the full range of light visible to waterfowl, including Ultra-Violet.

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