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Fishing set LEST 2,7M Atemi
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Fishing set for catching flatfish

The ready-made kit contains everything a fisherman needs to catch flatfish. Tie the flatfhish jig and tin to the kit, then bait the hooks and the fishing can begin.

The set includes:
Rod Atemi Classix 270 with test 100 - 200 gr. Spinning Atemi Classix is a fiberglass rod with an elegant finish. The rod with a test of 100-200g is intended for fishing with bottom line application. Material: glass plastic, EVA handle (neoprene), ceramic rings, strong roller attachment, elegant finish

Reel Atemi Caster C3-40BL with Tamil pre-rolled
Roller Atemi Caster C3-40BL. Caster rollers are very good value for money. Aluminum spool and 3 ball bearings ensure long casts and smooth reeling. The rollers have a rear braking system.

The set includes a plastic lure box with the necessary accessories:

  • The flounder fishing application is ready
  • Hook selection
  • Tin weight 200 g
  • Natural stones
  • A set of bells
  • Light sticks
  • Attachments for attaching the light sticks to the rod
  • A tool for removing the hook from the fish's mouth
  • A set of thread stoppers

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