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Heated vest
Camping / Fishing / Free time / Hunting / Winter / Clothes
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Heated vest for outdoor enthusiasts. The ideal solution for extra warmth in the colder months.
If you need extra warmth, just press the buttons on the chest of the vest and the vest will be warm. You can choose three different ones
between power levels. Separate buttons for heating the front and back half of the vest. Windproof and warm
Warm fleece material inside the vest.
- Works with a USB power bank (NOT INCLUDED!)
The vest is made of 100% polyester material

Instructions for use
1. Unplug the USB cable and connect to a mobile power bank (not included with the product) with a 5V/2.1A voltage output. Then turn on the power bank.
2. Press the temperature controller switch located on the chest for a long time (about 3 seconds) to start heating, when the red light is on, it is a confirmation that the device is ready to work.
3. Click the three heating level manual adjustment buttons, the red light indicates high temperature heating (60 °С), the white light indicates medium temperature heating (48 °С), and the blue light is continuous low temperature heating (38 °С).
4. If you want to interrupt heating, press the temperature regulator switch down for a long time (about 3 seconds).
Notes on washing and drying
Before starting washing, remove the battery bank from the product, place the USB cable in the inner pocket. It is recommended to use a textile laundry bag when washing.
Use a neutral and gentle detergent. Do not use high temperature water (above 30 °С) or strong acidic detergent.
Do not use a centrifuge. Do not knead, twist or beat clothes, do not dry clean. Dry the product using natural ventilation.


1. If you do not use the product for a long time, disconnect the battery bank from the product.
2. It is not recommended to use high temperature for a long time.
3. Keep the product away from live fire.
3. The use of electricity for wet clothes is strictly prohibited. If you get wet, immediately turn off the power of the battery bank.
4. The duration of continuous heating depends on the capacity of the battery bank. Use qualified and certified battery banks to ensure safety.
5. The product is not recommended for pregnant women and very young children.

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