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Echo sounder 6M Praktik
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Echo sounder PRAKTIK

Praktik sonars are designed to measure the depth of a water reservoir and search for promising fishing spots.

The principle of Praktik sonars operation is based on the emission of

ultrasound waves into the water by a transducer and the subsequent reception of echo pulses reflected from the bottom or other objects. The probe beam is a cone, the top of which is a sensor, usually located just below the water surface, and the base is the bottom. When an ultrasound wave encounters an obstacle in its path, then part of it is reflected and returned back to the transducer, and the receiver screen displays information about the presence

of an object. The figures on the right show typical pictures on the sonar screen and the information on the water reservoir in summer and winter corresponding to these pictures.

It is very important to understand that the sonar does not display a threedimensional representation of the water column on the screen, but only its projection onto a vertical plane passing through the middle of the sounding cone. This creates the illusion that all objects detected by the beam are located under the sensor.

The principle of modern fishing consists not so much in finding fish, but in determining the traditional habitats of fish. The main thing is to get an understanding of the reservoir and the presence of fish in it. The role of the sonar in solving this problem can hardly be underestimated. However, to fully understand the picture displayed by it, you need to gain some experience.

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