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Lead assortiment SUPER SOFT Balsax
Fishing / Summer / Sets / Sinkers
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New technology allows Balsax weights to be super soft. They clamp onto your line very easily and can move up and down your line easily while not causing any abrasion to your line. Its deep cuts allows it to stay securely on your line, even under heavy casting action. The case is marked precisely with the weight of one piece in each compartment.

It allows you to quickly grab as many as you need in any size for the kind of fishing you are doing. The ergonomic design allows you to comfortably hold the container in your hands. The design allows you to easily access the individual weights no matter how small they are or how frozen your fingers may be.

  • 0.64 g, 0.70 g, 0.77 g, 0.96 g, 1.08 g, 1.50 g
  • Content: 100 g

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